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Sam has written for The Guardian, had a front page in The Times, and started out as a BBC radio reporter, during which he was nominated for Best European Radio Documentary. 

As an experienced producer/director/cameraman Sam commonly films on his own FS7 MK2 camera. Shooting to the standard of a Director of Photography. He can easily switch styles from from fast turn around 'run and gunning.' to well lit set piece interviews. Sam also has a drone and is experienced in 60/30/15 minute edits

From filming on the frontlines in Iraq, Congo, Ukraine, and Sudan, Sam brings an established a track record in security planning. With the BAFTA award-winning series 'Our War, Invisible Enemy', Sam initiated the original concept, negotiated MOD access and personally provided the cameras, training and, for five months, encouragement and direction to the soldiers to help them tell their own stories. He went on to win a BBC commission and licensed the footage to make the documentary.​

He is up to date with Hostile Environment training + First Aid and has a five-year USA I VISA.

Award Winning Filmmaker + Journalist. 

Sam is a London-based documentary filmmaker, journalist, and storyteller whose work is known for its strong narratives and well developed characters. Working from pitch to broadcast he brings over 15 years of experience as a TV producer, director and cameraman, originating stories, securing access and winning commissions.  

His work has won a BAFTA for Best Factual Documentary Series and been nominated for Best Current Affairs Documentary, as well as being nominated for a Grierson, Prix Europa and Highly Commended in the Broadcast Awards and British Sports Journalism awards.

Sam has a good rapport with presenters; producing and filming Louis Theroux, Mishal Hussain, Ben Zand and Bear Grylls among others.

Sam's journalistic integrity, and commitment to building trusted relationships with contributors, often in very delicate 

circumstances, gives him unparalleled access to extraordinary characters and their stories. His perseverance is best illustrated in being the only person to have tracked down, filmed and interviewed Joseph Kony - ‘Africa’s most wanted,’ 



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